Tweets From the Park!

Welcome to Tweets From the Park!, where we round up the best, funniest and most irreverent tweets from Disneyland Resort for your reading pleasure. Follow us on Twitter @OCWeekly!

russroolzdood: I love when we dance crazy in Disneyland and people ask us if we are on drugs. And we respond no! WE LOVE JESUS!!!! #BOOM #HolySpirit
melificent811: A bird just shat on my computer keyboard... Only at Disneyland. Lol (at least it wasn't on the lightboard!)
andreilalagahit: 98 fuckin' degrees for Disneyland tomorrow!? Asdfghjkl;'
MissIvySnow: " ivy's pussy is like disneyland" LOLOLOLOL
RealPrincessKim: @krisjaus Well, @justinbieber had to be having a HELLACIOUS day to be a dick to everyone at @Disneyland . Maybe he's just a diva.
RealPrincessKim: @krisjaus Haha, remember how that cast member at @Disneyland told us that @justinbieber was a dick?
LaynerzT: @onedancinblonde im grown up Layne now. Im all about Britney, music n dick. No more ponys n disneyland LOL
byrd009: @GiovanniAgnelli They have tranny dancers at Disneyland!! They have hot pink hair & blinking hula hoops!
Candi_Crawford: its as if i took the tram to the surface of the sun. Disneyland why are you so hot.
henjenca: @Kristen_Strong my dh says if money was no concern, he'd like to be the churro cart guy at Disneyland
BiancaEspinoza9: One churro a frozen banana and a slurpee. I EeSH7: Craving a corndog churro turkey leg popcorn and just disneyland food in general. The smell here is intoxicating.
russroolzdood: I love Disneyland. I love my friends. I love Jesus.
LiloInPsychWard: Back from disneyland the trip was so much fun. I got to meet mikey and this time mikey wasn't a drug in my drink hehe
Manda41: Strollers should be banned at Disneyland!
BarkingDogrr: Disneyland sends Muslim woman employee home for wearing hijab. They could have duct taped mouse ears to it.
clairewaves: during meditation, could not stop thinking of the full house ep when the tanners go to disneyland. FML.
stephany03: mad af that i was at disneyland yesterday and KOBE BRYANT wanna go today.ughh FML!!!
mannyamaya: going to Disneyland....the most expensive place in the world...


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