Tweets From the Park!

Our weekly roundup of some of the best--and the worst--tweets from the park that's only sometimes the happiest place on earth. Follow us @OCWeekly!

MichelSven: She a fake bitch anyway RT @metalsanaz: I'm going to choke snow white at Disneyland this Saturday! hahahaha
weirdbutcool: DAMN!! wish ppl wud leave me alone cuz of my stupid necklace i made @ Disneyland!! i spelled awesome awsome. -__-


: Dude in Disneyland looks like an ugly, untalented, yet just as disgruntled version of Johnny Depp.


: check one off the bucket list -- technically i believe we were, in fact, kicked out of disneyland. #fb


: someone offered to have sex with me at grad nite. wooooooooooooooooooooooow. is that even possible? disneyland has eyes EVERYWHERE!


: Did you really just compare getting your dick sucked to a kid going to disneyland? Fuck the what


: The asshole parade has started at disneyland


: I feel fat today, I didnt hit the gym, but I think Disneyland with kids for a few hours counts as 2-3 workouts.


: At Disneyland i saw this girl wearing a @justinbieber top, i want one so BAD! it was so sick! :) ♥'ed it


: #Disneyland got breezys... All the cute mommy's wit they kids n shit.. Hello #SingleFather here what up!


: i have never ever seen anyone be escorted out of Disneyland until now!! haha. oh drunk people.


: So drunk at Disneyland.


: I swear lol Im going to fucking go to disneyland, get on that stupid fucking "its a small world after all" ride n brake all those lil toys


: #FunnyFriendFacts: Me @StudStaneezy & @MRAMontheBEAT Parents found out we chief when we got kicked out of DisneyLand 4 box'n n tha p-lot lol


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