Tweets From the Park!

It's Tweets from the Park, where we round up the week's funniest and most eyebrow raisin' tweets from Disneyland Resort. Follow us on Twitter @OCWeekly!

KhailAnonymous: Also, you don't realize how much you use profanity till you go to Disneyland. Fucking kids and their damn sensitive bitch parents...
DiamonQueen: lol so i told this bitch i was at the happiest place on earth ;; disneyland! she said the happiest place on earth is between her legs. LMFAO
TheGenuineDavid: Word on the street is that Disneyland is putting Dumbo on a low-fat diet.

daveryankdwb: We're at Disneyland. I have never noticed but DAMN! We really HAVE become a country of obese fat asses! Minnesota is way better than CA!
molassa: I can't believe how many obese children were at Disneyland? Their parents should be ashamed. I saw a couple of obese toddlers too :(
seldel: I'm @Disneyland and watched a girl rub all the cinnamon and sugar off her churro...that should be a sin!
ItsDjLando: Would I get kicked out if I wear this to DISNEYLAND?
Byron7109: got kicked out of disneyland for "missorderly conduct" in the parking lot -_-
patrickem: I'm all tuckered out, I need to not be fat the next time I go to Disneyland
milanq: The easiest way for a chick to get kicked out of Disneyland is to lift her top up for the cameras on a rollercoaster. Who knew?
apriLOVEEE: glorious bitch
daveracki: This was my diet today: In & Out #2, PB & J, BBQ Chicken Sandwhich, Dole Whip, Pretzel, Cookie, Coffee, Ice Cream sundae. Ahh Disneyland.
Rozeeel: LOL the people that work at the grizzly store at disneyland are so nice && UGLY haha! They're invisible..
Kikachu_: Playing fat chick at disneyland is bad, there's one at every glance. I'm gonna be bruised up tomorrow... xD
JJO2012: "If im going to Disneyland im having sex on the tea cups!" wow demman haha wow
MementoMarie: @_yoalissa_ perfect date: disneyland, ice cream, and sex in the castle.
twatwaffle13: In a past life, I think I had anal sex with Goofy at Disneyland. Also I see many colors.
HeyyShawn: I made it to the 91.ahhh this traffic is ugly.who has a helicopter,please get me to disneyland now!! Call Obama,Call Oprah,call somebody lol
bustanut20: Getting kicked out of disneyland??? Haha i crossed the line somehwere


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