M-i-c-k-e-y... p-i-z-z-a.
M-i-c-k-e-y... p-i-z-z-a.

Tweets From the Park!

Welcome to Tweets From the Park, our weekly roundup of some of the best--and the worst--tweets from the park that's only sometimes the happiest place on earth. Follow us on Twitter @OCWeekly!

TwiztedSymphony: Talking to dad Mom-No she wants to have sex at disneyland dad-WHAT?!? Mom-I told her it was okay Me-XD
SD_Mikey: I'm amazed at how fat people are here at Disneyland; especially the kids. So sad!
jevwah: There's no excuse for wearing Disneyland brand clothing. It so ugly
TheresVictory: This was on the bathroom door in disneyland... LAME!! Not the place to post it really http://tweetphoto.com/14296181


If Disneyland is happiest place on earth.... Why is this worker guy such a dick?? Just curious...


: I'll be in Disneyland today. Good thing I've been exercising my pinching fingers. I'll keep count of how many I get before I'm kicked out.


: Ok Southern California, there are far too many bad tattoo's I've seen at Disneyland. All the mom's have faded stuff & dudes with stars. Ugh.


: Drunk Lost tonight. Drunk Disneyland tomorrow. Drunk weekend! Horray!


: Watching reality TV with Jen's roommate who's asshole boyfriend broke up with her at Disneyland. She needs the mindless numbing crap


First thing we did at Disneyland? Take a nap. Pretty lame, but necessary for everyone.


: Drunk at Disneyland. Again.


: @mmeganly Two HOURS?!? I wouldn't wait 20 mins for anything @ Disneyland. Ugh. Did you see Captain Pedophile?


I just compared phone sex to going to disneyland via phone call... in a conversation with my dad. today is gonna be a great day...


: @kristiealley Its amazing people r defending crocs! We sold em at Disneyland (where I work) & THOUSANDS bought them. I was shocked! #gross


"Sounds like two retards having sex on big thunder mountain." #disneyland


Walking Disneyland for a fat person feels like equivalent of a week of cardio for a fit person


Disneyland can sughk my $72 dick.. Knotts& 6 Flags can sughk my $54 dick!! And Universal Hollywood can sughk $69!!


@jayysenn their hard shell tacos are good. I'm going to Disneyland tomorrow and that's a fat pants day lol


: ughh im in disneyland with a bitch


: Justins dick is so big, as soon as its won the superbowl; its ALREADY AT Disneyland!


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