Tweets From the Park!

Time for Tweets From the Park, where we gather the funniest, weirdest, grossest and most interesting tweets from Disneyland Resort for your reading pleasure. Follow us on Twitter @OCWeekly!

IamAlbeezy: @CeeDana I went to Disneyland on a Tuesday too in the Summer, shit crowded as a bitch, i dont think Indiana was 2 Hr wait tho, DAMN
hannaschaer: I got a warning that my "fucking recycle" bag is inappropriate at Disneyland.
andymcgaffigan: Disneyland turns otherwise harmless fat people into crazed sociopaths with a low center of gravity.

hygienestudent: Holly working at Splash Mountain is a BITCH. does @Disneyland pay her to be rude? or she doesnt get paid enough and thats WHY shes rude. >:(
TheRealSMH: I remember when I was a kid it was 20 bucks to get into Disneyland. Now it's 72.00 to get up in that bitch.
LorenOuellette: Just grubbed on a disneyland bread bowl with steak gumbo... I am fat and happy, no more food for me today thanks =)
TheDivineLiz: #AFatPersonShouldnt ride Splash Mountain at Disneyland with another fat person.
ctbasketballa21: Ok disneyland was fucking amazing. We got caught sstealing an apple from snow whites ride lmao this is the happiest place on earth lmao :)
CrashOverdrive: Just watched Disneyland punk the hell out of Jay Leno. I'm with CoCo bitch!
ianflo: Seriously. Ima get a super bowl ring for my wedding ring. Goin to disneyland bitch.
JMSteinman: "When I own Disneyland, I will ban all fat people and children" @Morgs120
whoisbobby3: I wonder if anyones had sex in Disneyland
MsSherryBaby: @IdnBlkChic maybe u will meet prince charming and get some good sex in. Sex at Disneyland would have to be great. Lol.
ashLe_et: Yesterday at DisneyLand there were so many haters ! Like WTF do they have nothing better to do in line than talk shit about me, LoL ?
LizySurvive: Wtf. I had a dream I fucked Big Foot :l and went to go see the movie 2012 in Disneyland haha. I wonder what that's all about
MAL1GAYA: Hella snowflakes with fat ass titties here at Disneyland, woooowzers!


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