Tweets From the Park!

Welcome to Tweets From the Park!, where we round up the best, funniest and most irreverent tweets from Disneyland Resort for your reading pleasure. Follow us on Twitter @OCWeekly!

JorgeinOntario: There's a section dedicated to getting drunk? #fuckyeah #Disneyland
iGetReTaRdCheKz: Damn I wanna go to Disneyland but I dont wanna come back a fag or a Hoover crip
dIovato: @VaneEfrcn When I went to disneyland the fuckin' fuck shit cunt bitch ass wind made them cancel the firework show -.- fuck the wind! lolol
bassieebabyy: I wanna fuck on It's a small world at Disneyland, IDGAF if yo kids watchin bitch they bout to do it one day. Let me get it in!
Wiggyfall: @tmwrnj I was just in Disneyland last weekend. They must've been celebrating Big Ass Day there! Believe me, you're not even close to fat!
JosephRazo: People are F-ing fat at Disneyland
katescute: Disneyland is ugly from the 5 freeway during the day. It's not ugly when you're inside it.
60bottlesofJACK: HIGH & DRUNK @ disneyland. Drinking vodka since we've been here Cassv23: SO MANY ugly people at Disneyland today.. Damn
CalyssaDavidson: Disneyland is the best place to people watch. Some ugly kids. Some cute kids. And Just saw a grown man adjust himself not so discreetly....
VilaRestal1972: Ugh people are dumb. No I don't own Disneyland, but you don't either you shitty piece of trash.
JorgeinOntario: No urinals, had to use the abortion toilet #gross #Disneyland
manilajones: Disneyland is like a fat guy with a small shirt: It's not big enough.
ohheykj: Ew there's a gross bro dad with his kids and he's flirting with the 2 girls in back of me on the tram at Disneyland #GROSS
Niina_Bobiina: I feel like an asshole...i accidently threw away disneyland tickets that belong to someone
calsurfer: @DJ_Gibson1985 I love getting kicked out of Disneyland. PENIS! and I get a refund too. I really don't like dizzyland.


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