Tweets From the Park!

Time for Tweets From the Park, where we gather the funniest, weirdest, grossest and most interesting tweets from Disneyland Resort for your reading pleasure. Follow us on Twitter @OCWeekly!

Ms_Alyssa: Aint this bout a bitch! Everybody on The Ellen show got annual passes to!
twin104: A perk of disneyland is sayin "nom nom nom" to a fat guest as they grub w/o consequence. They just smile and acknowledge their fatness.
CarrilloPhoto: Disneyland reruns Captain EO... The happiest place on earth. For kids. Oh yeah, EO features the worlds most famous child molestor... WTF

NIkiGhazian: watching Pirates of the Carribean. Its amazing how one movie can make me think of Sex & going to Disneyland all at the same time.
TweetnAshtin: Saw this chick at Disneyland w/ knee high boots w/6inch heels, leather pants stunnaz tube top with her tits poppin out #youredoingtoomuch
briancalledbud: Im in a suite at disneyland. booze everywhere. naked bitches in the hot tub. drinks and tacos in the kitchen. wtf.
FReePaCSliMM: lMfaO @Raydisney is a straight bitch that aint shit but a pussy ass disneyland worker that can't do shit with his life but sweep trash(cont)
NOHARDWEAR: Yo CAPTAIN EO starts running again TODAY @DIsneyLand YEAH YEAH! Too bad they waited until HE DIED ... $$$ is a BITCH!
mycuntHALOED: I hope my bitch ass son @DinooSupreemo will go with me to Disneyland
kountry1983: There was a fat 12 year old boy dressed in a home made cow costume at Disneyland. #Iwishihadacamera
PMarizzle: @sadieswede You ready to come back to me yet??? I smell Oreos and Disneyland =P and anal sex for you!!!
ayeQUEENB: I guess it's gonna rain the whole week. I guess I ain't going to Disneyland for fucking free! Fuck you weather. Suck on my dick.
NancyBieber: OMFFGGG , MY MOM JUST FUCKIN CANCLED OUR TRIP TO DISNEYLAND . WHATEVER BITCH . Immaa spend my ticket at the maall .
idlcrz: This is mean, but this fat bitch keeps farting in line at disneyland, and everytime the line moves, i walk into her farts. WTF
MariahSceneHU4L: This lil asian bitch kid was touching my ass at Disneyland lmfao I wanted to smack her sooooo bad !
TheDivineLiz: #AFatPersonShouldnt ride Splash Mountain at Disneyland with another fat person.
Paacreek: Next Disneyland trip we are playing Spot the Mo's or bitch moms, should be harder than spot than spot (insert race here)!
itsdavidray: If I was a 12 year old girl trading sex for Disneyland tickets on MySpace, I would've asked for a year pass #NoBlackOutDates
bbreanne: if i got a dollar for every dick i saw on chatroulette id be a millionaire. and id buy yall tix to disneyland


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