Tweets From the Park!

Welcome to Tweets From the Park, our weekly roundup of some of the best--and the worst--tweets from the park that's only sometimes the happiest place on earth. Follow us on Twitter @OCWeekly!

CaliBieberSwag: i cant help that my natural face is a demon stare. hahaahhahapeople at disneyland are acting like im a bitch. sorrry :)
joaquin4378: Always wanted to have sex one christmas morning at disneyland haha
ohhallee: Martin you are such a whore. Even baby Goez lost his at 17. Who the hell loses theirs at 15 at Disneyland? LOLOLOL FAIL.

captain_of_art: Disneyland was cool. I've never seen more mouth breathers and ugly children in my life.
KellyGolden: Croc watch count is at 6. What's up today Disneyland? Where all the ugly footwear at?
imevanjames: At Disneyland on a date drunk! xx
CakeandCo: #Disneyland is lame ass, if you are a passholder no luck with world of color viewing. They fucked us over!
rachenfrance: no disneyland today, as the boyfriend decided to stay out til 5am and come back VERY drunk, so he won't wake up this morning. grrrr.
IcySpicyPants: Uh.. don't tell anyone but Disneyland is kinda scary! Just got on snow white.
quickstrike_kc: See you in Disneyland... LAKER GANG LAKER GANG... ding ding it's over motherfucker!
tanguerapdx: In mammography waiting room, 2 Disneyland geeks find each other. "I cry every time I leave." Then they chortle @ their own weirdness.
coolstoryScott: Christian bale was at Disneyland today. I saw a line through space mountain on his list of where falconey is keeping the drugs
adamdaburger: Sick again with a cough! :( But I'm going to Disneyland later and eating a delicious Corn Dog!
moncherpapa: on the couch with a bag of chips, a dog, & a penguin that is an honorary citizen of disneyland.
badassjoelmann: My day was just made at disneyland a bunch of teen girls started cat calling me from the tram lol and i have a witness
jensaysrawrrr: At Disneyland and im not happy ! This is Shit i don't like the lakers
kendallrocks: @MixxedYoLyfe make sure you get high and/or drunk before you enter disneyland. haah
dannydoom: "....and urinated on a Winnie the Pooh figure at the Disneyland Hotel" (via @KatManalac)
andy_lew: Disneyland is having a rave. WTF? Toddlers dancing while parents getting drunk.


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