Tweets From the Park!

Time for Tweets From the Park, where we gather the funniest, weirdest, grossest and most interesting tweets from Disneyland Resort for your reading pleasure. Follow us on Twitter @OCWeekly!

MAR_tion_sodmg: I wish I had a bitch to go to Disneyland wit me.
KingPecks: Why's is this bitch acting stupid about me taking my lil girl to disneyland wtf??? Fuck this bitch
ChipAhlswede: Going to Disneyland made me realize America needs a diet (and i say this as a fat man)

robotbecca: I'm gonna cut a bitch at disneyland tonight!!
Coleim: Made even worse by the fact that fat lil ol me will be walking around disneyland by myself this time tomorrow
PrincessSawRuh: Big ass bitch @disneyland
alondraprado: the fat guy i saw when i went to Disneyland a while ago;
KingPecks: Aint going 2 disneyland but this bitch is still gonna drop off jj I am hapy now especially after my boy camethrough w/ some bomb bomb #trees
Kadaver: someone on the tram smells like seaworld. gross. #disneyland
Moeneeke: I just saw 2 people walking around Disneyland barefoot. That is so GROSS!
fuckinlauren: And we just got kicked out of disneyland because bodeck said we had a grenade. Awesome.
ianna_mae: I love when my step dad gives away our Disneyland tickets while he's drunk. FML.
Talk_Hard: I got drunk at Disneyland, best place to get drunk ever. i could die now and be satisfied with my existence.
theYT: My maid bought me Stitch's girlfriend from HK Disneyland. Sweet, but its really ugly hahaha.
Kimba012: is watching the crowd come into Disneyland on Main St, and I gotta know. what day was this country hit up side the head with an ugly stick?
ProlixTST: Hospitals are fucking horrid. Worse place in the world besides jail. If I'm ever sick or gonna die, take me to disneyland.


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