Tweets From the Park!

Welcome to Tweets From the Park!, where we round up the best, funniest and most irreverent tweets from Disneyland Resort for your reading pleasure. Follow us on Twitter @OCWeekly!

theorbitgroup: My girlfriend just said our cat was the best valentine ever. Publicly! The cat didn't buy her ass a pass to Disneyland!


: Lame date. She even drained all the fun outta Disneyland didn't know that was possible. No bitch I don't wanna be your friend


: She crazy then fuck that bitch!! RT @DJTriniKing: This bitch wanna go to Disneyland


: There's a very thin line between love and hate and a very fat line between any two Disneyland attractions.


: All I can remember from disneyland is some women with fat ankles. :'(


: my bitch just said she sweatin like a pedophile at disneyland!!!! #DEAD I*HEART* MINES.... IDK WHAT U FEEL FOR URS


: Fat little girl next to me - "Mom! The best thing about disneyland? Their biscuits!" Really? That's the best thing here???


: Diego askd if id go to knotts w/ cutie ugly couples go to knotts take me to Disneyland


: Totally going to disneyland by myself today to ride the pirates ride and haunted mansion :D only if this verizon fag doesn't fix my shit ):


: Go 2 Bed. @VanessaMonee Dream About JustinBieber&Disneyland, Worry About Shit Tomorrow.


: I wanna do some shit like....go to Disneyland. Or Cirque Du Soleil! Or go to Mexico and eat REAL tacos!


: Treated like a super star at Tokyo Disneyland haha. 20 groups of Japanese schoolgirls wanting photos and losing their shit


: Damn Disneyland commercials. My parents never take my ass like these parents. #bittertweet


: "Disneyland Rides & Attractions" on Jeopardy. I'm about to fucking own ass on this.


: Thats when i go to disneyland and u remember my friend josh....the one who i said touched my ass and my boob and almost kissed me......h ...


: dear future lover, your ass better take me to disneyland one day.


: We Are Heroes at Disneyland. Costumes showed their sick ass camel Toes


: Omfg my parents just surprised me by taking me to a bomb ass hotel next to disneyland aww I love them #bestbirthdayever


: Haha stupid lol like yesterday I was rolling in Disneyland w/ my stupid pills


: OMG.....I'm either delusional, drunk, high or possibility all three. I just registered for the 2011 @Disneyland half marathon in September.

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