"1968 Cinderella's StepFamily at Disneyland"
"1968 Cinderella's StepFamily at Disneyland"

Tweets From the Park!

Time for Tweets From the Park, where we gather the funniest, weirdest, grossest and most interesting tweets from Disneyland Resort for your reading pleasure. Follow us on Twitter @OCWeekly!

captainboof: far and away the best thing I've seen since working at Disneyland, two cats having sex
EliasMedrano:  Time for Disneyland  tomorrow ;) gonna make minnie mouse my bitch. Xoxo.
itsSTACE: So irritated at these Disneyland  employees!! Can we say RETARDED AS FUK?!!?? tryin not to get kicked  out from whoopin this bitchs ass!!
DanceLikeSara:  Lots of hot dads at Disneyland  today... in addition to the usual amount of leashed children, emo couples, and scooter bound obese folk.
imsofull: Captain Eo gives the power of gay dance! #Disneyland


: Was confronted by the Disneyland  security. Played dumb to them for 20 minutes about camera stuff but still got kicked out in the end :(.


: Today, for the first time in my 16 years of life I was told I was cute by a non-related female of our species at Disneyland. She was 83. FML


:  Some couples at Disneyland  are so gross. There's children here, ya nasties!


: I just went off on a disneyland  employee 4 talking 2 me lk i'm a child. I'm mad i'm abt 2 get kicked  out of the happiest place on earth!


: Why is every obese  person at Disneyland wearing either stretch pants or Mickey ears?


: If your FAT ASS is too lazy to get up and walk around then YOU DON'T GET DISNEYLAND!!! Give that wheelchair to someone who needs it!!


:  @chicrunner  Exactly. There was an obese woman at Disneyland wearing shape ups, I wanted to pull her aside and tell her not to waste her $$.


:  Guy at Disneyland  with 'Drivin' Trucks -Huntin' Bucks' t-shirt. No mention of how fat he is though.


:  I'm in Paris and the theme is poop. Today I saw a young girl poop on the grass in disneyland. Her brother spanked her butt. She smiled.


:  I wanna have sex on one of the DisneyLand rides #YeaISaidIt


:  Why do they always play "sex  on fire" by kings of leon at downtown disney its not that i dont like the song its just that its disneyland


:  Overheard at disneyland: "The ultimate thing is sex & w.o.w at the same time"


:  Scooping poop for a disneyland ticket. So fun !


:  i dont understand why couples  go to disneyland when they dont have kids... fucking kreepy pedifiles


:  People!! Don't dump your familys ashes at Disneyland! They don't stay there! It gets "cleaned up"! Gross story on facebook! Ppl are DUMB!


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