Tweets From the Park!

Welcome to Tweets From the Park, our weekly roundup of some of the best--and the worst--tweets from the park that's only sometimes the happiest place on earth. Follow us on Twitter @OCWeekly!

tacce: me: it's okay dad, at disneyland they want our fat people money too. dad: DSAFKLJASKLDHAGfDKLGJ
gothrockerkid: Your fat when the kids at Disneyland want to ride YOU. "I wanna ride that one dad! Daaamn!!"
XOcorina: At disneyland with @suckag theres so many pregnant women today. Gross.

kelseyeff: Making new drug dealer friends at Disneyland!
babyflann: LMAO There's so many gothic ppl here @ Disneyland. I just find it amusing that this is "the happiest place on earth"..and there just so dark
jessycuh: damn i wish i wouldve said something to that sexy guy at disneyland today haha.. i'm such a chicken :/
thissfoo: @justjessjess WOW your super cool getting drunk at Disneyland^_^
MrsMBarrett: @Sim0neLaFlare HELL YEA whn i go to disneyland people like is this bitch slow or Jus FUlly dnt kno herself lol. I KNT HELP IT.AT least i kno
ILICKMYSOLES: #TwitterIsLike Disneyland for lame bitch niggas, i see so many of y'all
hexter_bby: Q:wheres the craziest place youve had sex? A:DISNEYLAND
chunnifer: Disneyland is one helluva drug.
mikecarano: Two very short, very fat guys at Disneyland wearing US ARMY shirts. Are they part of the Weebles Wobble but they Don't Fall Down Division?
viajaxstats: Fml, Disneyland made me fat
iPapiChulo: maan , going to Disneyland has exposed me to a lot of different people &reminded me that we are a fat country
ItsSandraB: Watching some photos from my trip to Disneyland. I was so ugly back in 2006. Hahaha
blkboy_whtboy07: its some ugly ass snowbunnies at disneyland
joshrocknroll: If sex were a ride at Disneyland having a vagina is like a permanent fast pass
trippcrosby: Trying to figure out how @tylerstanton @lvhanson and I can not get kicked out of Disneyland today for interviewing cast members.
brettlin: I waited 4 days to get a churro at Disneyland. Dumb thing was gross. Stupid churro! #fb


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