Tweets From the Park!

Welcome to Tweets From the Park!, where we round up the best, funniest and most irreverent tweets from Disneyland Resort for your reading pleasure. Follow us on Twitter @OCWeekly!

Critch151: I've been elbowing young children in the head all night at disneyland, I feel like an asshole but they're all over the place
HAYHALEYY: JUST KIDDING!My mom made the family meeting look so sad,like they were divorcing or someone died.turns out..Im going to disneyland bitches!
calakutha: Need snacks at Disneyland? Eat fruit, not turkey legs. 1,092 calories, about a days worth of fat and 2 days worth of sodium PER TURKEY LEG
JordynnnC: One last Disneyland churro. BlasiianBoo: Stupid ass white bitch at disneyland was like omg its so crowded because the asians they are so noisy and (cont)
BackyardFruitNC: Hey, Mormons! You just spent $100 million Mormon dollars to legalize same-sex marriage in CA! You're going to Disneyland!
Roccitjsquirrel: #wheniwaslittle my mom cut my hair once and fucked my shyt up then took me to Disneyland
JuanUckermann: My little sister is going to Disneyland while the rest of us sit at home. Bitch.
SpecialK0518: Cosmos + fudge + disneyland = a gay mans dream
sclassjankins: #WhenIwasLittle I pissed on Piglet at Disneyland. Got my ass beat for gettin us all kicked out too. #bebetweet
phantastikorean: Saw a kid wear a Kevin Durant Sonics' Jersey at disneyland... So sad now, I bet he wore it cause it was cheap...
WedgeEC: If I had a million dollars, I would take 30 homeless people on a fancy bus with booze to Disneyland and watch as they slowly get kicked out.
HighlyAwesome: it's scary to see how many sex offenders live near Disneyland. and apparently some live inside D-land...?
DAMNIMHIGH30294: #wheniwalittle I got kicked out of disneyland for stealin my alias was michael scottie pippen muse
KarenLyneButler: Very upset that @Disneyland stopped mailing renewal slips for annual passports. It's not "green." It's just stupid & cheap. Shame on you!
beahjew: At disneyland aka satans asshole
Graphomanicgirl: Fuck this week. Fuck it right in the ass. Or in the ear. I think that would be less enjoyable-Counting down the days to #disneyland 5wks1day
gusman10: Jus fucked the system at disneyland yay :)
wayCooshay: Hot ass disneyland white ppl lookin at us and shit lol
Maria_Myrback: Space Mountain at Disneyland SO totally kicks the ass of the one at Disney World. It's faster AND darker.


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