Tweets From the Park!

Welcome to Tweets From the Park!, where we round up the funniest, most irreverent tweets from Disneyland Resort for your reading please. Follow us on Twitter @OCWeekly!

pinkpupcake: I feel like I just had reunion sex with Disneyland: we haven`t seen each other in a while so we go nonstop till we`re sore and sweaty.
bitethebedbugs: So those Tinkerbell stickers on the back of cars...does that mean "I like Disneyland" or "I'm a needy, jealous bitch just like Tink?"
dropdeadbeeth: Almost got in a fight @Disneyland! WTF don't push my kid outta the way and expect me not to tell you something bitch!!
DwynellRoland: @yungweirdo313 wtf u say.. bitch ass goin back home cause Micky Mouse butt raped yo homo ass lmao. disneyland made you their bitch
tmotoz: GOD damnit. @Shimmycocopuffs was at disneyland today and I could have totally had gay sex with him since I have a annual pass. FML haha.
joeylponce: Disneyland Tomorrow...There's gonna be a lot of sweaty, fat people.
scottbox: Planning a trip to Disneyland. Anybody got a fat suit and 2 bratty kids I can borrow?
plasticfangs: @Disneyland i swear you guys drug those goats. it's either that, or ALL OTHER GOATS EVERYWHERE ARE NATURALLY DRUNK AND/OR ROWDY.
fejimanz: @GizmoAlex oh dear lord... tinkerbell... she is top 5 all time most sexy fictional characters... *sigh* time to go to disneyland!
seajraw: Then off to Disneyland in a short summer dress no panties!!!
justjorge32: #highschoolconfessions idk how I got away with being drunk ay disneyland with cops there lol
TSwiftyThoughts: I once yelled at a guy who worked at Disneyland that he's cute. I then got half a churro.
jordanforam: Arkansas feels and smells like Disneyland water rides. Musty, humid and sticky.
annaknitsalot: @Daria_is_LSG I don't mean to call out the fatness, hell I'm fat, it's just...jesus learn to walk! Disneyland tourists are the worst.
adamlovesdisney: on my way to @disneyland ....well in a im hungry and half naked hahahah


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