Tweets From the Park!

It's Tweets from the Park, where we round up the week's funniest and most eyebrow raisin' tweets from Disneyland Resort. Follow us on Twitter @OCWeekly!

complaydating: And if that's stil not enough for you I once had sex at Disneyland,and I'm dying to do it some place crazier than that!
joe_famous: #Disneyland patrons can be categorized as follows: fat people, annoying kids, dudes with long hair, hot mommies, indie kids, & non-tourists.
marisab67: Going to Disneyland AGAIN. This passport thing almost feels illegal. Thanks Walt.

mothra28: Tired from being in LA. What's up with all the obese people in Disneyland these days?
maebyy: wow waiting next to annoying white people. this bitch is complaining about waiting in line. at disneyland. okkk
ImaEatChuNowzz: got a dirty look for laughing my ass off at Disneyland at them having the song "Sexy Underwear- Barry White" oh yeah. hahaha
Pameluv: Ahahaha @tha503gurls just told me she's had sex at Disneyland... I have to make this happen for myself.
JulianRCollins: This guy keeps following us with his churro and on his rascal. I guess obese people like Disneyland too... #Disneyland
laurentmunier: There are some giant fat people here @ Disneyland. Is it D for disney or D for diabetes?
lcj004: #drunktweet #fuck disneyland #fuck walt disney he was a racist son of a bitch I hate that place lol
lauranga: Never thought I'd see the day disneyland played rap songs that simulate sex
jake_espy: wanna go to disneyland, wit a bitch doe..
krock97: Poor Hannah Montana who would've guessed her counter part would b a cheap whore #disneyland
SenatorBlacks: In line for Splash Mtn, its amazing how many ugly people can fit into Disneyland. Altho there would be more if they weren't also obese.


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