Tweets From the Park!

Welcome to Tweets From the Park!, where we round up the funniest and most irreverent tweets from Disneyland Resort for your reading please. Follow us on Twitter @OCWeekly!

oliviargolden: the disneyland tram bitch told me my glasses were earthy.
sabrinakay: Literally eating everything (and I mean everything) that Disneyland and California Adventure have to offer. Fat kid day to the extreme!
BoB_Nasty: Fuck Disneyland. Cali bitch
JeanPaulFrames: I go to Disneyland and punch the mascotts cuz I don't give a fuck! #thuglife
PnutOuais: via friend of a friend: Kelley just got called a bitch at Disneyland by the cluster blondes.
Mbenwell: F'n bitch. Just ruined my nice evening @ Disneyland because my ID proving I'm 26 expired 6 days ago that I couldn't purchase a beer. Retard
featurecreature: Fat people, fat people everywhere! (@ Disneyland w/ 8 others)

Tweets From the Park!

Chokin4Chode: Fuck a dead animal, run for mayor, take a shit on a disneyland ride, masturbate on an airplane, go to jail for child molestation #bucketlist
priscilavanilla: I love Disneyland. It's where you can be like, "Fuck you. I'm going on Splash Mountain. I'm on a plastic log, bitch." 8D
hannuhhgrant: Great, my mom is drunk at disneyland xD
YourHuge2012: I singed in for the Disneyland Birthday Club, and its telling me that I cant get it because Im one hot sexy beaner! Disney dont be racist...
BadAssFrank: Disneyland would truly be the happiest place on earth if I could get away with brutally murdering this old bitch in line in front of us.
stwright: Yesterday at Disneyland I had to convince my family that Wetzel's Pretzels hot dogs was NOT our best dinner option. #soclassy
teamlogan: BBQ sauce and grilled onion hot dogs and beer = Disneyland is heaven. #fb
KaylaKays: Mom: I don't know how all the mexicans afford to go to Disneyland when its hella expensive. Me: THAT WAS RACIST! Mom: So! It's true! - BITCH
Heatherrrc: sexual kids you are so annoying. if you wanted to have sex Disneyland was not the place to go.
theTimStewart: Bitch at disneyland got put in her mafuckin place. she didnt know what we she was in for give ME shit!
niggyride: Asian day at disneyland? Everyday is asian day at disneyland lmao
outlawcarnies: Disneyland was a success.... I tried to fuck snow white.... But I ended up with Marry Poppins.....
IYAHJOHN: Do the people in mickey mouse costumes at disneyland, smile for the camera. lmao
miss_marilyn: I'm so fuck ing mad right now i knew that this would happen i hate this disneyland for their stupid rules i'm going to write them an email
FiveStarPussy: My daughter is so damn silly..I tried 2 wake her up but she wudnt get up so I say "let's go 2 DisneyLand" n she got her ass up then Lmao
AlexGsSocks: #confession when I was nine I went to disneyland. My dad got drunk and confessed shit to me. That ruined my whole holiday.
priscilavanilla: I /really/ dont want a disneyland annual pass. I want an iMac. Lmfao.
PrestonVaughn: #howyouagangsta when u work ayt disneyland as mickey mouse
_BethRose: so, did everybody know that i frequently visit disneyland.... not cause i like the rides, i get sexually aggressive towards mickey mouse >:D
ohdanishpastry: I want to go to Disneyland while wearing Mickey Mouse hat and gloves. Until then, my childhood wouldn't be complete.

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