Tweets From the Park!

Welcome to Tweets From the Park!, where we round up the best, funniest and most irreverent tweets from Disneyland Resort for your reading pleasure. Follow us on Twitter @OCWeekly!

SpinelliSays: I wanna go to Disneyland & do Hoodrat shit. Kick Mickey in his ass, & fuck Princess Jasmine.
Highbrow_Whore: @musingincolor hot girlie sex in the bathroom next to the Alice In Wonderland ride at Disneyland.
KevinFMONSTER: Seen this hella fat chicc with down syndrome mom try and squeeze her into the cart at the matahorn ride at disneyland...FUNNIEST SHIT EVER
ZooKrew_Bwood: @Jayare_CSD just saw bitch that was at disneyland you was baggin on a min ago. That was lookin like Eazy E & stealin food lol! Burnt out
FrogSweater: I love being drunk at Disneyland it's like I'm 5 years old again #itsgoodtpbeakidagain
SayitJordon: Walkin around disneyland alone with no intentions of ever leaving, kinda smells like horse poop by the big thunder ranch though
hot_singlemama: kids leaving 7-11 with slurpees walking towards disneyland wtf slurpees @ 9am geeze smfh
L3tDr3wScr3w: Disneyland gone get tired of seeing a nigga face... Lol
DatBlazinCajun: #BlackParentQuotes I aint gunna b spendin all this money to take yall to Disneyland for yall to act up. I can whoop yall ass @ home for free
yizzo420: Disneyland kicked my ass today.
Daze710: #wheniwaslittle there was no California Adventure. Just a big ass parking lot. #disneyland
MatttLanter: There are some weird ass people here at Disneyland.
DemiCaruso: I'm Cheesed That My Mom Never Took Me To Disneyland. Now My Ass Is Too Grown To Even Enjoy The Goddamn Place >. _tracyyy: So im not gonna call in sick for work. I need the money. Specially for disneyland.
Dlt_0895: My husband Justin bieber is going to Disneyland w/ me lmfao #nohomo


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