Tweets From the Park!

Welcome to Tweets From the Park!, where we round up the best, funniest and most irreverent tweets from Disneyland Resort for your reading pleasure. Follow us on Twitter @OCWeekly!

Gutter559: Disneyland is the shit, and Walt Disney was a real G
wlarro: Game I play with myself while waiting in line at Disneyland: Fat or Prgnant?

dannyBstyle: so there's no way to cancel a Disneyland season pass. guess for the next year, a whore goes to Disneyland on my dime! oh well.
NotDickCheney: @GapedCrusader's wife is such a mean ugly cunt that when she smiles, a magical fairy dies in Disneyland
CAntista: No porn on the Disneyland Hotel TV but, I shit you not, fucking BLAM... And not even an "episode" but an extended best of hocking the DVD
CrazyRegg: Lots of costumes at Disneyland today. There's a 40's Whore, Slut Minnie Mouse, and a realistic Creepy Child Predator...
rhi_Cherrybomb: Disneyland tomorrow and 93degrees. Oh shit.
0O0000O0: Going to Disneyland with @fantastak tomorrow. We are going to party so hard in toon town n shit. Gunna hang with Mickey and do kool stuff.
iimagineKillsz: @tiffanykills GAY ASS DISNEYLAND! fml this shit is soo whack!
DUNX: yo the first time I got my period was on a family vacay to disneyland. That shit SUCKED. death-by-lulz
Savannah1904: Half way to disneyland and we gotta turn round ain't that some shit
KorinIsAHoe: Whores o plenty, wannabe mickey mouse from #vmas & the swat team... Shit's going down. Wait, nope. Just Halloween @ the disneyland resort.
jellydonut18: lol day at Disneyland?¿?¿ am i the only one that thinks thats fucked up, its like if disneu is telling kids to be gay, wtf
BloodyFangs22: Next Step: Sex at Disneyland. Has anyone else done it there?
katherinexryan: "ive never had bday sex""liar""giving your bf head at disneyland on your bday doesnt qualify""katie...youskank!"#bffconvo
joshuaj7: sex in the haunted house nye 97 :) @Disneyland What's the most exciting thing that's ever happened to you at Disneyland Resort?
Fowler_IGN: While @EricIGN cavorts around Disneyland, I'm going to watch him talk about boobs on TV Guide channel's Sexy Beasts special.
mikeanese: hey old fat guy in the bathroom at disneyland... put ur dick away & zip up BEFORE stepping away from the urinal... sick.
Sml_Tori: Now i know why i never ate those big suckers from disneyland #gross
ravefamous: Someone brought their cat on a leash to Disneyland.. No... Really
amyululani: Ok wow, Disneyland stinks. Like literally smells like poo. Gross! Plug your nose on the tram ride!
Hernandezlive: Is there anything wrong with getting your hand stamped as you 'exit' Disneyland JUST for the smell of the ink from the stamp? HA!
crisy_yee: I'm gonna dress up as Chuck E. Cheese, go to Disneyland, and convince kids I'm Mickey Mouse's weird uncle.
HotSake: Today at Disneyland: weird guy in line ahead of us to meet Pluto, wearing a Stitch hat & hands, started rubbing his crotch as he got his hug
that_cat_guy: @THEsaragilbert quit looking for you when a 3 ft tall vader elbowed me in the dick. disneyland can be quite dangerous.
charles_jensen: We just groomed the dog, then shaved the cat, and now...we're going to Disneyland.


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