Tweets From the Park!

Welcome to Tweets From the Park, our weekly roundup of some of the best--and the worst--tweets from the park that's only sometimes the happiest place on earth. Follow us on Twitter @OCWeekly!

eduardjm: Nothing drives my envy more than a little fat kid tearing into an ice cream drumstick on Main St. Gotta get me one asap #disneyland

rockstdy82: If you want to picture the fat girl in spandex just imagine the monster from the Mattahorn ride at disneyland but with beige boots
DJFillmatic: Lots of ugly ass people at Disneyland today.
RyanJaure: Why is 94% of the population at Disneyland on a daily basis ugly and/or strange?
korieKILLER: Q:you had sex in public? like where? A:disneyland, dressing room, movies.
nwphotographer: If Disneyland was a straight A law abiding citizen California Adventure would be it's slutty wet drunk carnival sister. Just saying.
sharapovasthigh: My lovely sister from California Adventure/Disneyland: "I'm trying to get mom drunk so she'll go on the rides."
RikiTikiTimbo: I want 2 go 2 disneyland & have a fat day craving pineapple floats, churros, pretzels, kettle popcorn, hot chocolate
KristnKrunch_: I don't know who wins for most ugly people in one space... disneyland or warped tour.
RockstarJedi: Dear Disneyland, Your website is shitty and not helpful whatsoever. You'd think with all that money you could have a better site. JS.
ChubsChunksDad: Damn Disneyland is packed....... O ya did I mention it also MILF CENTRAL...... Hot Damn OOOOOWEEE..
cboyz5471: I swear disneyland is sponsering hot girls wit big tits really is tha happiest place on earth
SaschaTorresLA: Since I'm at Disneyland for my birthday... I've decided "It's a Small World" was created by someone very much on drugs.
lizetyspagetti: I am not leaving Disneyland without my churro
jtorres91: bout to eat me this turkey leg :) i love @disneyland
DixieGrl911: Woot woot me n @kandee06 saved $14 parking at disneyland. Thanks weird parking guy lol
nickgrodo: for some awkward, weird, and for no reason i have the voice of the guy from Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Disneyland in my head
sheniferous: Disneyland is like a zoo for people watching. You get to see all kinds of weird people you've only seen on TV.
CoreyDevon: Hollywood tower of terror. Standing behind some pretty annoying girls that smell like beer. Since when did Disneyland start serving alcohol?


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