So this photo was taken at Disney World but that counts, too, right?
So this photo was taken at Disney World but that counts, too, right?

Tweets From the Park!

Time for Tweets From the Park, where we gather the funniest, weirdest, grossest and most interesting tweets from Disneyland Resort for your reading pleasure. Follow us on Twitter @OCWeekly!

AdamBelawhatevr: DISNEYLAND!!!!!! UNIVERSAL STUDIOS!!!!!!! MAGIC MOUNTAIN!!!!!!! SEX WITH THE WOLVES!!!!!! Can't wait!!!
AnDy_Garcia85: People swear disneyland is six flags -__- ..... FAT people get on disneyland rides!!
LisetNavarro: Over heard a broad say disneyland is romantic. If romance to u is sweaty fat people rubbing against u then ya i agree.
jemappelle_jen: got kicked out of disneyland last night for being "intoxicated"...why the fuck have a beer&wine festival if you don't want people to drink?
ondistantshores: Its ugly tattoo day at disneyland. It keeps me entertained.
dance4la: Omggg a furrie is a person who has sex inside animal costumes like disneyland animal!?
sailorsarah15: i saw kyle at disneyland, i saw a guy sleeping on a bench infront of the sun wheel romantic much? no his fat was coming out of his shirt >_ VulcanKaleb88: I've been kicked out! Now what I'm I going to do??? Def not take my ass to Disneyland!!
imevanjames: So drunk at Disneyland. Ommmmggggg
raptorhands: Never seen so many fat people on rascal scooters in all my life. Disneyland = Fattyland
bendehoe: Star tours is closing at disneyland. Now what will I ride to get nauseous.
V0TR0N: Gettin kicked out of disneyland wasn't bad after all. Great company and great food (my cooking)
iEatFeelings: I was alone in Disneyland and my glasses broke #fml
Lydiaisaghost: "disneyland is gonna get sued.""yeah, prolly because of all these fat people."
JCnumba99: LMAO!!! Dis nigga was tryna buy a pill while we @ disneyland... N my patna jus sold em a VIAGRA afta he colored it!!!!! Lmao lololololololol


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