Tweets From the Park!

Welcome to Tweets From the Park!, where we round up the best, funniest and most irreverent tweets from Disneyland Resort for your reading pleasure. Follow us on Twitter @OCWeekly!

lys20lys: Best. Sex. Ever. I swear I went to heaven... then Disneyland... then Starbucks... then back to the bar.
TheAndrewBlue: That one couple that had sex at Disneyland, crazy!! lol i caught it all on video to.. :D
satansista666: "God you would never have sex again if you came here for fear of having one of the millions of brats here." -Kyle's Mom regarding Disneyland
Bigrobr20: @sexyaudreyd most unusual place I had sex was in disneyland backstage behind toontown. Had to tear it up quick b4 kids saw.
TesstifyBarker: I feel like steady sex is like Disneyland. When I haven't been there in a while it sounds way more fun and full of churros.
MalinasaWizard: i had an odd dream last night that i was a fat little ginger kid running from some fat guy at Disneyland because he wanted a coupon...
Stephlynnnn: I will be a bitch today up until the moment I'm at Disneyland. ☺
JustJames24: Fuck Disneyland prices liquoe store next to dland 8 bucks pack of smokes bitch does it come with a blow job
starrfishies: Ew people being rude at disneyland. >:| ready to cut a bitch.
Laaggan: Fuck you, fuck you. Im going to disneyland!
_Bags_: Dear Racist Skinheads @Disneyland sporting "88" T-Shirts. Leave your Hate at home! Thank you! #lovenothate
BeastAtBass: Girls are so confusing. One minute they are talking bout Disneyland two seconds later sour cream. WTF?
CplxSimplicity: wtf this nigga got her mp3's chocolates and flowers..... niggas is paying for that pussy #tcap wtf and disneyland?!
soysauce714: I think I've walked through about 20 farts so far at @Disneyland so far... FML
Bdotowens: Disneyland cost a hot $100 now? Since when was mickey worth 100 american greenbacks? Girl we can go to the disney store...disneyland is out!
kellbellzzzz: OMG this bitchyass mother @ disneyland needs to calm the eff down. Shut up you aren't hot stop acting like a diva. Your husband looks an ...
AmazedByMonique: There's some weird ass people here at disneyland today wat the heck....
AnthonyH21: Disneyland want me to wait in a LONG ass line for a 10 sec ride that barely go 15ft off the ground? #NoThanks
NiggaGetNAKED: The flattest ass I ever seen was this white bitchh at disneyland omg her body was literally a square aha I never seen it that bad!

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