Tweets From the Park!

Welcome to Tweets From the Park, our weekly roundup of some of the best--and the worst--tweets from the park that's only sometimes the happiest place on earth. Follow us on Twitter @OCWeekly!

BrannyPantz: One Day, Im Going To Go To Disneyland And Take That Bitch Over And Turn It Into Dopeishland and Imma Sit In That Castle Wit A Shiny Crown on
claymus The smell of little kids, ice cream and coppertone. Gross. I'm over Disneyland.
a1exp: LONG DAY in DisneyLand i coulda fucked Cinderella but i was gonna hold up the line man she looks better in person

KathySaysRawrr: Omg I had a dream last night about disneyland &lesbian sex > diamonds2thesky: Missing Skye. There's alot of ugly fat people at disneyland. :( Lmfao
sawaboof: Protip: Turning the ride into Flash Mountain gets you kicked out of the park. #Disneyland
moedere: also now this ride is broken wtf i will cut you disneyland gdi whyyyy
maureenefeeney: writing haikus about being drunk at disneyland for class. #senioritis
yoHuckleberry: i hate people who get drunk at disneyland. ive been there sober 1000 times and i still have more fun than you
LaceySchwimmer: What gives people the right to be royal assholes at disneyland ? Push ram strollers into ur ankles! WTF?
CodyTaylorr: bitch idfaf where your from im from disneyland andi could sgtill woop dat assss
ooliviawoodss: I'm a fat fuck in disneyland, yay for me. D:
JaYCiKinZ: I would love to know why my mom has to be a bitch even at disneyland
SABRINA__DGAF: ha wtf this girl just called madderhorn magic mountain! WTF thats a disgrace to disneyland you dont belong here!
BiggMoe187Inc: Disneyland with my Mini Gold Digger Daughter YAZMIN...hahaha...Its her 7th B-DAY...She Asked me for e BENTLEY ....WTF...lmaooo
ShelbyCasanova: Should I wear my fat pants to Disneyland so I can put @justinbieber in my pocket and bring him home to share with my favorite girls?
stfu_its_ginaaa: Omggg just saw some bitch I knew from super long ago who I swam club with! She works as a janitress at Disneyland!!
Jennnnxoxo: Wtf. Who hates Disneyland? Thats like un-American.


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