Tweets From the Park!

Welcome to Tweets From the Park, our weekly roundup of some of the best--and the worst--tweets from the park that's only sometimes the happiest place on earth. Follow us on Twitter @OCWeekly!

pbandjforever13: Apparently it's ugly & gay day at Disneyland. I have not seen one hot guy or girl.
entirelysmooth: holyy, do not watch captain eo drunk at disneyland. I was not prepared for 3d michael jackson in space.
BabeRuthIess: Disneyland old guy don't fuckin' touch my margarita!

shaunslaughter: Yep Julie and I are officially drunk at Disneyland. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Holy Shit, where's the tylenol?
dizzydawl: #WitMyWelfareCheck i plan to buy Disneyland >:D. then hold all da princesses up in dat bitch as my SEX SLAVES!
anthonymerante: I think it's hilarious that Disneyland has a gay parade twice a day.
mexicana_blanca: Screw studying for physics. I'm at Disneyland bitch.
8YOUNG1PETER8: Yeaaah having fun acting like a lil kidd at disneyland after this witch is 12 am to be exact imma hit sonic cuz I roll like that!!!!bitch
TeleEroticist: A dude just called the fat chick line and told me about the time his wife gave him a blowjob on a ride at Disneyland.
TwiztedSymphony: ...I think my mom just gave me permission to have sex at Disneyland...
latinrobert05: okay I know its Disneyland ...but DEMN !! all the cute gay dudes came out to play !! they are everywhere
kylejoseph_: i would be listening to Cher on the way to disneyland. im such a fag.
gungraves: There sure are a lot of ugly people at disneyland today.
psychichearts: Oh god, fat american women w/kate gosselin hair in matching disneyland paris sweatshirts! :(
MizzAlyBaybeee: #ugotmefkdup if you think Ima have sex without you taking me out to disneyland first lol it's where dreams come true lmao
xtinazx: @beewsee my sister saw Frank at Disneyland yesterday. She said she never knew how ugly he was lol
leahtokiobieber: chynanny? wtf that child has problems, i hope youre having a nice time in disneyland you manipulative, gay, using bitch.
FruitSaladShow: Gross Disneyland jambalaya- $30. In n Out Burger- priceless


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