Tweets From the Park!

Welcome to Tweets From the Park!, where we round up the best, funniest and most irreverent tweets from Disneyland Resort for your reading pleasure. Follow us on Twitter @OCWeekly!

YoureSoWhiteT: I feel like I dishonored my childhood memories by being drunk at disneyland
ANDY_XB: Chilling at disneyland talking shit bout people passing by lol
brunablack: @kayleighhunter I'm a sexy clown that beat the shit out of Chris Brown in Disneyland XD I APPROVE! #diechrisbrown
SARDINOS: disneyland was a fail but we eneded up goin to hollywood. i'll say it again, white LA boys are sexy.
StephisJacob: my msn is like freaking disneyland my eyes hurt with all the sparkly shit
ElvinTorres: @Disneyland I have to say Disney's DCA is an epic #fail. 4 rides I have tried to get on have suddenly closed
PrettyAllTrue: @DadStreet I don't believe Disneyland spokespeople are allowed to say "shit." The acceptable term is "rat droppings."
chiratsu: Line to get to the space mountain is longer than the great wall of china #Disneyland #FAIL
Dani_Lovely: Zeppelin and Disneyland. My day is made. Holy shit
holyteff: drunk texts r sooooooooooooo amaKng...I don't think ice ever been drunk at Disneyland either...Rainforest Cafe has sum BOMBASS drinks dude
Chalon: It pains me to drive past Disneyland and not stop #sad #fail
heybritneyyyy: my sister better find her credit card. i'm not paying for shit. i'm saving my money for disneyland.
gkenneally: Getting drunk and feisty with Minnie Mouse @ Disneyland is not recommended. Mickey looks all cute but the pricks got a savage right hook.
SassyFactory: I swear my grandma looks drunk in all our Disneyland pics. :O
UrKittyGirl: Fucked up! RT @Urstrooly: I believe the saddest part of these ''motel'' kids they live right across the street from disneyland! #shit
Mikeys_Cheeks: @FranksAttitude ok, but just so you know, the haunted mansion at disneyland scares the shit outta me


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