Tweets From the Park!

Welcome to Tweets From the Park!, where we round up the best, funniest and most irreverent tweets from Disneyland Resort for your reading pleasure. Follow us on Twitter @OCWeekly!

taylorpietrini: why does Disneyland always smell like someone ripped a fart right in your mouth? Smells like satanic ass filtered thru a dirty wet sock.

Tweets From the Park!

Scottpulliam: Dear twitter, a black lady who works inthe Pirates ride at Disneyland just gave me a high five. Love, Me.
manigjr: #RandomFact i've had sex at knott's. next is disneyland ;).
NancyFcknBotwin: I know its ten and I'm at Disneyland, but I still just want sex.
Allieyoo: mom says if i get all a's shell take me to disneyland in Callli, whats this bitch doing to me
TheValleyGuy: Disneyland kicked my ass and almost sent me to prison for shooting the photo of a gay celebrity. In other news Kim Kardashian is not dead.
skittlesness: Never go to Disneyland with gay guys who have iphones/blackberrys with Grindr on it. They be killin their phones!
Pableezee: Always so many fat people at Disneyland
giveupthetoast: my dad has somehow accomplished making disneyland shitty.
soniamonn: shitty childhood :( i never even went to disneyland
hektor_g: Disneyland seriously has some of the weirdest people like #WTF are these guys having seizures or dancing LMAO!
getlit_erate: Older cat and new cat were just sharing my lap. Later, the Bushes will go to Disneyland with the Clintons.
SolisLoveBieber: You don't understand how high my hopes were that Justin was gunna happen to be at Disneyland the same day :(
Ronnie_Rockwell: Getting high & feeding birds popcorn at Disneyland. #priceless
tracy_marq: "I was always impressed with those invisible dogs at Disneyland" (I'm starting to write down stuff my friends say when they're high)
BranberryMarie: Oh, California. Can I just roll up a fatty and go to Disneyland? Everyday.
emdub52: Half of Disneyland just shut down because of a power outage. Happiest place on earth my ass.
unfunnyDomo: What is there for a grown ass man to do at Disneyland?
OzzyNotScene: There are so manny fucking fine ass people at disneyland/californiaadventure but there all guys -_______- yay mee!
itschrislee67: long ass line at bestbuy, long ass line at g and long ass line to get out of the great mall...fml....its like disneyland without a fastpass

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