Tweets From the Park!

Happy New Year! Welcome to Tweets From the Park! We round up the best, funniest and most irreverent tweets from the Disneyland Resort for your reading pleasure. Follow us on Twitter @OCWeekly!

xEllexFatallex: There's a crisis Disneyland is out of wheelchairs. Hey fat ass walk!
AlecMapa: Sex with a cast member.RT @Disneyland: What's your best money-saving tip for a trip to Disneyland Resort?
DoctorJBieber: My mom is going to Disneyland tomorrow with my 7 cousins and doesn't want to take me cuz it'll cost her $$$ WTF!!!!!!! -_______________-
DatNiggaDiRT: How the fuck Disneyland sold out??? WTF kinda shit is that
death_sexxx: the man on the train next to me just said brighton is the disneyland of sex... sex and disney in the same sentence has freaked me out...
korieKILLERR: Whats the most risque place you have had sex? -- a ferris wheel at disneyland ahah
NickYoussef: #Disneyland at full capacity has a Lord Of the Flies feel to it. Except everyone is morbidly obese.
Neikokylan: Wow surprisingly there are like no asains at Disneyland but sexy bitches GALORE
itsrios: my day at disneyland is starting to look pretty shitty. surrounded by brats
LovelyOphelia84: Who knew fries with cheese n avo from Johnnies, an ice cold Fat Tire beer, rain and watchin harry potter was almost as good as Disneyland...
MiszYanie: Im about to b in DISNEYLAND JAIL if this fat ass mexican boy hits or bumps into me 1 more damn time! (Im not racist jus annoyed af)
raleco: Being up before 9 is never never never fun. Except for when there's Disneyland. Or sex.
eddieboy19: LMFAO RT @MIssssaaaa: Hahaha Wow! My dad would smoke weed in the Disneyland bathroom!! HOLY FUCK!
tinajuana: So chris christies fat ass is in disneyland during this blizzard but @CoryBooker is in newark shoveling & delivering babies etc? WOW #smh
Beano_83: @MiInerant living in Disneyland would be hellish. Goofy is French and he's their town sex offender. They let him off due to retardation x
BellaLuna96: Disneyland is full off totally fobby asians that keep cutting me in line. Bitch, gtfo.
TheRealConehead: Love the fat families at Disneyland, 3 generations of blubber. Japanese whaling fleet would have a ball. #exerciseportioncontrol
culenjensen: Fat bitches love Disneyland.
TheRealConehead: Big shout out to all the obese people at Disneyland today, especially those in shopmobility trollies. #oxygenstealingtwats
austinbosley: This woman just cut me... #Disneyland #bitch
csdaley: I need to buy one of the giant Mickey hands. There are some people in desperate need of a bitch slap around here #Disneyland


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