Tweets From the Park!

Welcome to Tweets From the Park!, where we round up the funniest, most irreverent tweets from Disneyland Resort for your reading please. This week's features an especially interesting amount of homophobic rants. Follow us on Twitter @OCWeekly!

iammisi: That honkie finna go to Disneyland (protective custody) his bitch ass aint finna do no level 3-level 4
LiddolFatty: i learned tht fukn asians are hella rude just knw when i was at disneyland i seen tht A LOT !!!!* I WAS BOUT TO CUT A BITCH 0_o
_elan_: Mickey Mouse was an asshole the last time I saw him at Disneyland.
TheRealGerm: Disneyland makes you feel so good about yourself, cuz it reminds you how ugly & out of shape the rest of the world is
in_famous: Who would pay to go to disneyland? That place is shitty
coleywill: Oops...I just gave a bitch at Disneyland the biggest boob-check of her life!
EKristianTorres: #shoutout to the sexy girls in short shorts and tank tops at Disneyland ;)
Buddy_Steve: Sweet, the one day I get suckered into #Disneyland I forget my cyanide pill. Everyone here looks like the fat kid from The Goonies.
nxsnts: Just got called a "little bitch" by a complete stranger at Disneyland. I feel accomplished!
kristinebuck: There were a lot of Fat people at Disneyland yesterday ... I wonder why
deannammorris: Still at Disneyland...uugghh soo tired ready to go home, but lil momma waitn for tinkerbell to fly...i wish the lil bitch hurry up lmao
LionDeesigns: Why are there so many gross people at Disneyland. First there are faggots. Now there are pedafiles
Egotists: I work at Disneyland, bitch. Everyday is the 4th of July.
andysandimas: Wishing I would have made a video of the fat redneck dad who tried to fight @comedieyoung today at disneyland...happiest place on earth!
EvanCudworth: That's super gay. RT @joeymagnumryan: This earthquake that I didn't feel has shut down all the rides at Disneyland.
blunkyyy: making disneyland my bitch! i love short lines
jm9293: if sum1 told tht disneyland was this boring n gay i wld stay home
AYEtaqqisha: RT @vholladay: Kobes at disneyland!!!! --- BITCH!! bettterr rape thaat niggga!!!!!! :)
mystykalkut: @ Disneyland with my son. Mickey, where u at, bitch?
TheRealGerm: Disneyland observation...the world's people are fat, sloppy, pasty, rude & basically a mess. But the cast members...they aight.
mightymouseWM: Omg I cant believe how boring disneyland is seriously & they don't even have beer man how gay is that
Zackeyse: Gay bashing at Disneyland? That's a first. God bless America!
princessjennaaa: Wow. Fuckin ferris wheel was a waste of time. Stupid faggets who run Disneyland should be fired for these gay rides.
davidsongs: holy crap there's two gay guys making out rite next to me near the disneyland parade
Carolina_FTW: Dustin Diamond has a large penis and has used it to have sex with more than 2,000 women, most of whom he picked up at Disneyland.
LeDamen: disneyland is like sex. everyone talks like it's the happiest place on earth but only people with money and cars get to experience it


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