Tustin Police Hold Mystery DUI Checkpoint Tonight

The Tustin Police Department is "goin' Costa Mesa" on us.

No, that does not mean half of the force is going to be laid off like those boys and girls in blue in Messa. Or, at least the TPD coppers had better hope that's not what it means; with Jerry Amante as your mayor one never knows.

But this much is surely like CMPD: no disclosure of the location of tonight's DUI checkpoint.

Yes, Costa Mesa police have decided not to publicize the locations of sobriety checkpoints until after the fact--to retain the element of surprise for boozy drivers.

Tustin is spilling this: the DUI stop runs from 6 tonight through 2 a.m. Saturday.

So, if you plan to be drinking and driving tonight:

1) Stop it!

b) Don't drive anywhere through Tustin.

Might we suggest an alternate route . . . through Costa Mesa?


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