Turkey People the New Holocausted Jews?*

What is it about Orange County that creates fools who make ridiculous comparisons of their causes to the suffering Jews experienced during the Holocaust? A couple of years ago, it was the Minuteman mexicana, Lupe Moreno, rambling about how Mexican immigrants were the new Nazis, while American whites were the Jews. "I would wonder how was it possible that a whole nation of people, millions and millions, would let something as evil as the Holocaust happen?" Moreno wrote in 2003. "How could they be so passive to lose their lives without putting up much of a fight? . . . They could not believe that such evil would befall them. So little by little, they let corruption eat away at their way of life. No one spoke out when bad things started to happen. And so it began. No one spoke out."

Currently wielding the Shoah card is Orange County's most-notorious Armenian genocide denier, Ergun Kirlikovali. On November 14 he wrote a column about those who believe the Armenian genocide happened for the all-things-Turkish website Turkla.com in which the opening says all you need to know about the man's Moreno-esque victimhood:

Turks are the new Jews. Genocide crowds are the new KKK. Although there has been no due process or a jury verdict by a competent tribunal, these genocide crowds already made up their minds about the Turkish-Armenian conflict. Facts, figures no longer matter to these lynch mobs.

These genocide lynch mobs burn crosses not on Turkish lawns (yet,) but in public conscience. They claim, scream, and attack... They insult, intimidate and terrorize... They already have their chosen verdict in their minds which comforts their anti-Turkish bias: Turks are guilty and there is no need to discuss this verdict; it is execution time... get the rope!

To these genocide lynch mobs, there is only one side to their coin: their side... The Armenian side... Armenians are all white; Turks are all black. And that's that... They want you to believe their bigoted black & white picture. There is no gray areas for them. So, don't even think of bringing it up, or you will be labeled a denier and hung in their mind and soul.

Wow, talk about tripping over mixed metaphors and bad logic! Just put aside the whole issue of whether or not the Armenian genocide happened, folks, and look at what Kirlikovali asserts: Turks are victims akin to Jews during the Holocaust, anyone who believe the Armenian genocide happened is biased against Turks, are "lynch mob" bigots who'll probably soon burn crosses on lawns, and is really the Klan. Ha! Kirlikovali conveniently doesn't mention his own bigotry against Mexicans, doesn't understand that to compare your argumental opponent to a bona fide hate group that has nothing to do with the issue is both a logical fallacy and insulting to the Klan's victims, and doesn't show that his side frequently commits the same sins he accuses the "Armenian genocide crowd" of, if not worse. And the whole thing about Turks being the "new Jews"--oh, the hilarity (and isn't it haram to compare Muslims to Yehudi?)! Make sure to catch Kirlikovali's regular column at Turkla.com, if ever you want a good chuckle--we know we will!

*Apologies for the convoluted headline, but being this is the day after Thanksgiving, why not?


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