Tuesday's Headlines. No Surprises: Stealing Irvine's spotlight

  • New! Improved! And sort of the same! "New Web strategy" reads one of the Register's headlines in that little rotating box on the paper's website (yes, next to the turkey and pumpkin pie photos). But click it and you get this, which doesn't sound like it veers away from the current setup much:

    Local: We will be the essential source of news and information about Orange County. This is the core of what we stand for at the Register.

    Digital: We will provide you with relevant local news in a real-time way throughout the day. We will use every venue at our disposal to get you the news when you need it.

    Video/Photo: We will bring you the sights and sounds of Orange County as the go-to source for photos and videos that capture our shared experiences.

    That's all great, guys, but where's the "new" bit?

  • GOP to ask Carona to step down? Well, not really. No, the county republicans aren't jumping on that bandwagon just yet. The Reg reports that they've "launched a process" to determine whether or not to consider asking the sheriff to resign. Hurrah for men of action!
  • Blandest headline of the day goes to the Press-Telegram for this unoriginal news peg: "L.B. homeowners to be warned."
  • Return of the devil winds: The Santa Anas are expected to whip through the county later in the week. The Times notes that it may be to windy for that California-style outdoor Thanksgiving meal.
  • Stealing Irvine's spotlight: In June, Irvine was deemed America's safest city. But now another OC city has snatched the title: Mission Viejo.


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