Tuesday's Headlines. No Surprises.

  • Dorm death: Former Newport Beach resident Allan Oakley Hunter III died Saturday morning after jumping from the dorms at NYU, where he was a freshman. His friends, who called him "Trey" and thought he was a genius, recently put together a facebook group dedicated to his memory called "Allan Oakley Hunter III Was and Always Will Be the Smartest Homo Sapiens." So far, 68 memories are posted. (Note: Must be logged in to see.)
  • Did the Feds get it wrong? The FBI says that crime is up a smidgeon in Long Beach. But local stats released earlier in the year say otherwise.
  • Living vicariously in... Last week, the LAT launched a new participatory journalism video feature starring reporter William Lobdell, in which the guy tries someone else's life on for size weekly. The feature kicked off in Huntington Beach, where Lobdell played lifeguard, jumping off the pier and standing around topless. Today, the Daily Pilot's Sue Thoensen has a video up, documenting her attempts at ballroom dancing. So...who's next? And will former Daily Breeze columnist Corey Levitan claim they've all copied him?
  • Foiled for now: Disney's first lawsuit against a cheap housing project in the Anaheim Resort District was dismissed, reports the Times, and the hearings in the second suit are delayed till next June.
  • Tonight: Full moon drumming at the Goddess Temple of Orange County. Details here.


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