Tuesday's Headlines

  • Parade rejects float: A Huntington Beach panel gave a thumbs-down to an Independence Day entry celebrating the desegregation of state schools, saying the theme didn't have "entertainment value."
  • Paying for parking lot rage: A Costa Mesa man was sentenced to 15 years in prison yesterday after running down a former high school football coach in an Aliso Viejo parking lot.
  • One sick puppy: A pet shop owner in Lynwood has been accused of torturing animals in his care—allegedly performing surgery on some without anesthesia and depriving others of food.
  • We're sorry we spent your money: Boy Scout officials who spent the organization's money on an extravagant trip to Key West sent out letters to 40,000 members apologizing for "mistakes."
  • Murder in Anaheim: Anaheim slayings are apparently pretty common—the Times recently devoted an entire section to the subject.


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