Tuesday's Headlines

  • Wrong side of the Street: Everyone and his mother is nagging OC Treasurer Chriss Street to step down in the midst of federal and local probes. (C'mon, even temporarily? asks the LAT's Dana Parsons.) But nu-uh, no-way, no-how, Street told reporters yesterday, handing them a 3-inch-thick binder filled with "facts" he believes the media should be reporting to clear his name. Patrick Desmond, who ran against Street last year, is crossing his fingers.
  • More Sanchez protests: Earlier in the month, six people who staged a sit-in at Loretta Sanchez's office were arrested. Yesterday, six more sat outside her office building and pledged to go on a hunger strike till the congresswoman agrees to stop voting in favor of funding the Iraq war. Sanchez was on vacation yesterday, so one can only guess how much impact this had...
  • Quiet crossings: To spare residents eardrum-shattering train horns (which reportedly howl up to 110 decibels), OCTA's pushing forward with a $60 million plan that would add gates and signals and eliminate the need for noisy warnings.
  • Daily Pilot in the clouds: DP reporter Jessie Brunner pilots a Cessna 172 Skyhawk plane over Long Beach and lives to tell the tale.
  • Wanna do something nice today? The folks at OC nonprofit Straight Talk recently purchased an 8-bedroom, 4-bathroom house in Westminster which will shelter folks with HIV/AIDS. They're hosting an open house today and are hoping for furnishings and decor. Details here.


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