Tuesday's Headlines

  • Stripping Street: Today the OC Board of Supervisors will discuss stripping county Treasurer-Tax Collector Chriss Street of his authority over the county's multi-billion dollar investment portfolio. The Times looks into the Street-Moorlach friendship and how it went sour, while the Register digs into the documents Street released last month.
  • Overkill: What's more fun than one Great Park story? The Times has 10 Great Park-related tales (written by two reporters) up today.
  • Spinning 9/11: It's always interesting to see how the media packages the 9/11 story. So far, everything seems regurgitated. Most common: the "how we grieve" story and the "this is callous, but can we stop grieving now?" story.
  • Today at 2 p.m. The Stanley Cup will be on display at Anaheim City Hall.
  • Tonight: Free tickets to The Slackers show. Details at Heard Mentality.


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