Tuesday's Headlines

  • It's gonna be another scorcher: Yesterday's heat wave crashes into today.
  • You're on yer own, buddy: Should Capistrano Unified foot its ex-supe's legal fees? This is the guy who faces criminal charges related to allegedly creating "enemies lists" during a recall election. The district's trustees voted a unanimous N-O.
  • Today's mind-boggling Daily Pilot top tale . . . is about a band. Not entirely local either.
  • If you thought High School Musical was annoying: Wait'll you get a load of the sequel. Yes, there is a sequel.
  • Not all cotton candy and ferris wheels: Arrests at the OC Fair are up 41 percent from last year, says the sheriff's department.
  • Times, Register catch up: With Moxley, who broke this teen ass-rape story yesterday.


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