Congressman Correa at a candidate's forum
Congressman Correa at a candidate's forum
Photo by John Gilhooley / OC Weekly

Congressman Lou Correa's Immigration Town Hall Crashed By Trumpsters, Protester Arrested

Protesters clashed with Trump supporters at Congressman Lou Correa's town hall on immigration yesterday afternoon before it even started. Correa's office got wind that out-of-town Trumpsters planned to disrupt the event at the Delhi Center, and Santa Ana police were notified in advance. Around 5 p.m., a gaggle of usual suspects from loser group We the People Rising, including Arthur Schaper and self-hater Lupe Moreno, filed into the venue an hour before the town hall was scheduled to begin.

Schaper traded insults with longtime Mexica Movement supporter Naui Huitzilopochtli while both filmed each other waiting in line before taking to their town hall seats. "Naui, do you want a coconut?" Schaper taunted, while holding the fruit. "That's Ray Herrera," Huitzilopochtli quipped back, making fun of the pig-nosed Mexi Trump supporter not in attendance.

The tension gave Correa staffers an expected headache. But then, a white Trump supporter traded barbs with a santanera all while Huitzilopochtli filmed on his phone. "So come over here and do it," the white woman taunted. "Really?" the santanera said before approaching her seat. Another Trump gal pointed a finger at the woman's face. "Don't touch me!" the protester said, before swatting it away. Schaper, too busy filming the name card of a Mexican Consul employee next to Correa's on the empty panel at Moreno's request, missed part of the action.

(Scroll to the 15:45 mark to watch the fun)

According to Santa Ana police, they escorted the women outside, arresting both for assault and battery before being released on scene. Cops cleared the room, told people the town hall meeting was over, but staffers set up the event elsewhere on site. The fracas between Trumpsters and protesters continued on outside Delhi Center. Around 7 p.m., two protesters hoisting up Anti-Fascist (antifa) flags squared off with the President's supporters.

Cellphone footage shows a tug-of-war between a Trumpster and antifa over the flag that tumbled into the parking lot area of the community center. The protester fell to the ground when his friend took three swings at the Trumpbro with his flag. "There was another arrest made for assault with a deadly weapon," Santa Ana police spokesman Cpl. Anthony Bertagna told the Weekly. The protester was transported over to the Santa Ana Police Department for booking.

Activists left the Delhi Center to rally for his release outside police headquarters. "Because of medical issues, they elected to release the person arrested pending review and case for filing by the Orange County District Attorney," Bertagna adds.

Congressman Correa finished the immigration town hall and addressed the chaos of the night. "I completely support the right of all parties to exercise their First Amendment rights," Correa stated. "However, I urge people to act responsibly and refrain from violence."

The Trumpsters aren't finished with Santa Ana just yet. They plan on bringing in "Alt-Knight," and repeat felon Kyle Chapman (aka Based Stickman) along with other speakers for "The Summer of Conservatism," an event scheduled to be held July 9 at eSports Arena a block away from La Cuatro in downtown. FUN...

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