Edgar's lack of honesty costs him a key ally
Edgar's lack of honesty costs him a key ally

Troy Edgar Loses Key Endorsement In State Assembly Run After Cheating Revelations

At one point 10 months ago, Troy Edgar enjoyed support from a long list of Orange County Republicans in his attempts to leave the Los Alamitos city council for higher public office.

But recent months haven't been kind to Edgar--especially after the Weekly revealed he'd doctored mandatory federal campaign disclosure reports to hide a large campaign expenditure and who illegally paid the bill.

Citing that cheating and Edgar's pro-tax increase stances, Michael J. Schroeder--a former California Republican Party chairman and Orange County political heavyweight--declared this week that he is withdrawing his endorsement.

"After careful consideration, I have decided to withdraw my endorsement of Troy Edgar and to endorse [Edgar opponent] Travis Allen," Schroeder said in a press statement.

Allen, an articulate Republican financial adviser, has surged in public support in recent weeks and it won't hurt to have the help of Schroeder, a cagey veteran political strategist by hobby. A theme of his campaign's is a shot at Edgar: "A business owner, not a career politician."


According to Schroeder, Edgar lost credibility by promising to sign a no new tax pledge and later reneging. He also was disillusioned to learn that the Los Alamitos mayor had supported tax increases in his city.

"I have come to know Travis Allen and believe he would best represent us and best protect the taxpayers from the predators of our Democratic legislature," said Schroeder, who is an insurance company executive.

A big question remains: Will Edgar's ethical lapses also cause Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas to withdraw his endorsement?

Edgar is feeling the pressure. He hadn't been shy about telling people with an air of school-boy cockiness that he couldn't lose to Allen. But in recent days, he and members of his family have poured more than $107,000 into the race.

Go HERE to read the Weekly's exclusive news report about Edgar's campaign finance cheating.

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