Trevor Harwell, Pervy IT Guy Who Got Girls To 'Steam' Their Computers While Showering, Gets A Year in Jail

In the world of pervy internet creepers, Trevor Harwell is one of the more creative ones. 

The 21-year-old computer technician at La Habra's Rezitech Business Network Solutions installed spyware on the computers of six women who were having issues with their Macs. When the computers were returned to their owners, fake error messages would appear on the screens, urging the users to clean their internal servers by putting their laptops "near hot steam." Some victims did so by--how else?--bringing their computers into the bathroom and taking hot showers. Serviceguy Harwell, a Fullerton resident, watched the steamy scenes unfold from his own computer, while capturing video and images. 


the pervy plot began to unravel

in 2010 when a woman contacted Fullerton police about strange computer messages her daughter was receiving. On Friday, Harwell was

sentenced to a year in jail

. A judge will later rule whether he must register as a sex offender. 

Hmm. Time to switch back to a PC? 

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