Trestles Wins State Historical Landmark Nod and Now Goes for National Recognition

Trestles Wins State Historical Landmark Nod and Now Goes for National Recognition

Self-proclaimed historical preservationist and Orange County Supervisor John Moorlach blogged last month that he had "a hard time swallowing" a proposal to designate Trestles beach and San Onofre State Park historical landmarks.

Someone give that man the Heimlich maneuver because the California State Historic Preservation Commission today unanimously approved the landmark proposal.

The process now moves up to the national level, where it is expected to take six to nine months to complete.

The Surfrider Foundation, which happens to have its national headquarters in San Clemente not too far from Trestles, and the California Surf Museum were among the nonprofit entities that supported the year-long call for landmark status for the breaks that are considered the birthplace of surfing in the Golden State.

But Moorlach wrote last month his "cynical side" informs him the Surfrider proposal is not really aimed at glorifying the famous surf breaks and nearby lovely terrain but a "cute move" to further thwart the 241 toll road extension the supervisors and much of Orange County's establishment wants to carve into the Trestles area and the San Diego County border area.

John Moorlach, County Board of Supes Chairman, Goes Toe to Toes on the Nose with Surfrider Over Trestles Landmark Designation

Moorlach is not alone is his criticism of the historic nod: the Department of the Navy objected to the designation because of fears it will complicate Camp Pendleton training exercises near the Trestles land the Navy owns and leases to the state.

Surfrider officials have said they will work with the Navy to ensure a landmark designation does not conflict with Marine Corps training near Trestles.

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