Transportation Corridor Agencies Drops Fear Bomb

As Michael Moore so elegantly demonstrated in Bowling for Columbine, policymakers have perfected the art of using fear to sway the American public into supporting war, overpopulated prisons and the further erosion of our freedoms.

The Transportation Corridor Agencies (TCA) is now pulling the fear card to regain public support of the left-for-dead 241 toll road extension.

The latest scare tactic involves a report of a grenade on the 5 freeway.

Visit the Transportation Corridor Agencies (TCA) and hit the play button on the "grenade scare" video. Ominous sounding music immediately sets the mood, and though the threat turns out to be bogus, the breathy narrator ends his spiel by noting the failure to complete the 241 toll road "is the real ticking time bomb."

Here's the type under the video:

For four hours, in both directions, the 5 was at a standstill. And so was the OC. Parents couldn't pick up their kids. Business people missed meetings. Ambulances & police cars went nowhere fast. The grenade turned out to be a false alarm. Imagine if it had been a real emergency? Help us complete the 241 by taking action today.

Such fear mongering can be so successful one wonders if the original report of a grenade on the 5 came from the TCA's Irvine offices.

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