CSULB Police Department sketch of the attacker.
CSULB Police Department sketch of the attacker.

Transgender Student Assaulted at Cal State Long Beach Defends School

While Gustavo wondered whether the assault was connected to the gay/jew/everyone-hating group La Voz de Atzlan, other community members wondered why the university appeared to have delayed in publicizing news of the attack.

The victim, though, has released a statement telling those critics to chill.

LBPost.com has the full statement from Colle Carpenter, the graduate student who was attacked.

On April 15 I was attacked while on a break from class at Cal State Long Beach. Since this happened to me, I have received respect and support from the university, far beyond what I expected. The campus police have made every effort to conduct a thorough investigation and have been especially concerned with respecting my wishes for privacy and for ensuring my safety.

I'm aware the university has come under criticism regarding communications and response in general, but again, I feel that the administration's response has been focused on the investigation and my well-being. I think it's really unfair that the university is being criticized. I requested time alone to heal privately with my family and the university honored that request. The university statement was released 20 minutes after I approved the sketch of the suspect.

I appreciate the outpouring of support from the community. However, some people and organizations have directed their anger and fear toward the university instead of the person who did this. I think the most important thing for everyone to understand is the need to find and prosecute the person who hurt me. Attacking the university is counterproductive.

In my past three years I have received nothing but support from the faculty and staff. Attacking a campus that has supported LGBTIQQ students is wrong. Portraying the university as being unwilling to face the attack head on could cause someone to decide not to go to school here and that would deny them access to the supportive and welcoming university that I am honored to call home.

I chose to return to my classes and CSULB is doing everything possible to make sure I feel safe in that decision.

In the Daily 49er, University President F. King Alexander called the assault a "hate crime." Tonight, a rally is planned on campus to address the issue of anti-transgender violence as part of the school-wide "Take Back the Night" event, according to Edge Los Angeles. The police ask that anyone with information related to the attack contact Detective Leyva at (562) 985-4101.

Hat tip to intern Robert Masucci.


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