Transgender Rights in Pakistan Chewed Over at Chapman Law School Lunch

Talk about a timely lunchtime topic: "Transgender Rights in Unlikely Places: The Case of Pakistan" will be discussed at Chapman University hot on the high heels of the Pakistani Supreme Court ordering the government to register transgender citizens as voters.

The country's 80,000-strong transgenders, known as hijras, had been campaigning for rights for years before the government officially recognized them as a separate gender last year. That was followed by this week's Supreme Court decision.

Chapman Law's LGBTQ Project has invited Professor Jeff A. Redding of St. Louis University School of Law to lead  Thursday's 11:30 a.m. talk.

Redding teaches courses on civil procedure and comparative law. He has served on the adjunct faculty at Pakistan's Lahore University of Management Sciences, as a visiting research associate with Islamabad's Sustainable Development Policy Institute and as a research assistant with the Pakistan Human Rights Commission.

He has also received research grants from the American Institute of Pakistan Studies and other groups involved in the study of India and Pakistan. Redding has written about Prop 8, legal equality in Pakistan and "Human Rights for Homo-sectuals," among several other published topics.


Thursday's talk is in Chapman University's Kennedy Hall, Room 237. Free admission includes lunch, but you first need to pick up a ticket at the front desk of the law school in Orange. You can also watch a live webcast by following the link at



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