Touch, Romantic Drama from Vietnamese-American Manicurists' Point of View, Premieres

Touch, Romantic Drama from Vietnamese-American Manicurists' Point of View, Premieres

The Weekly has told you before about films from the burgeoning Vietnamese-American community, but a new one opening today in Orange also has cross-over appeal.

Writer/director Minh Duc Nguyen's Touch tells the story of a white mechanic in Los Angeles striking up an unlikely friendship with a Vietnamese-American manicurist just as his marriage is hitting the rocks.

Indeed, Sandie (Melinda Bennett) is so disgusted by the dirty hands of her husband Brendan (John Ruby) that he turns to nail saloon employee Tam (Porter Lynn) to clean them up. But her care extends beyond his cuticles as she also dispenses relationship advice. Brendan and Tam's bond then grows to something that changes both of their lives.

Lynn was singled out for the Best Actress Award from the Boston International Film Festival. Not bad considering her performance was pulled out by a director making his feature film debut. Touch also captured the Best Story Line and Best Cinematography awards in Boston, the Audience Choice Award for Best Feature Film at the Vietnamese International Film Festival, the Best First Feature Award at the Santa Rosa International Film Festival and the Jury and Audience Choice Awards at the Atlanta Asian Film Festival.

Producer Mellissa Tong (Kill Bill, Click, My American Vacation) believes Touch is the first film made from the viewpoint of Vietnamese-American manicurists, who she claims staff 75 percent of this country's nail salons. The film made its Orange County premiere at the AMC Block 30 in Orange at 10:35 a.m‎. and continues there throughout the day and into next week. Here is a clip:

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