Top Five Home Videos Disney Doesn't Want You To See

An estimated 400 billion people will have visited a Disney theme park in 2011. During those visits, more than 57 trillion hours of home video footage will be shot by park goers. Or something like that.

For whatever reason, and luckily for us, people like taking those embarrassing and awkward home videos from their private vacations and posting them on the Internet for all to mock.

Unfortunately for Disney, those videos don't always reflect the squeaky clean environment they so diligently strive to put forth. Check out five the top five examples after the jump.

5. Breakin' Out Of Character

Sure, most will think this video of



Winnie the Pooh



bustin' some b-boy moves is pretty rad, but something tells me that if


found out his cherished characters would some day be doing the


in the middle of

Critter Country

his frozen severed head would start spinning in its cryogenic chamber.

4. Employee Animal Abuse

Because nothing says

"The Happiest Place on Earth"

like watching some disgruntled dipshit Cast Member kick the shit out of a duck. What could have made this video better? If someone dressed as

Donald Duck

ran out of the bushes and kicked the living shit out of him. Sadly, that doesn't happen.

3. Racism

Watch in horror as an ignorant monster yells about the slave trade to another woman! Yes, folks, racism is everywhere. Even on

Main Street


2. Pluto's a Terrorist

If you think dressing up like a dog in 90-degree heat is degrading and humiliating, it could always be worse. While dressed up as said dog, you could terrorize a small child as you chase him through the streets, get reprimanded by a total stranger, and then fall straight on your ass as others record it for all posterity. Supposedly, Pluto was just reacting to that little kid punching him in the balls earlier. Unfortunately for Pluto, that part wasn't caught on tape, so instead he just comes across looking like a douche bag.

1. Public Sex (Semi-NSFW)

Fact: Rides are more fun when you're having sex on them. Actually, everything is more fun when you're having sex. Mickey's Fun Wheel in California Adventure is no exception. Fun wheel indeed, Mickey. And I love his grinning face staring back at us. There's something highly disturbing about it. . . or arousing.


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