Top 5 Hate Crime Reports in June--and a [Non-]Bogus Bonus [THE RE-WRITE]

Kevin O'Grady, regional director of the Anti-Defamation League's Orange County/Long Beach office, was kind enough to email over five hate-crime reports his office received this past June, in reverse chronological order.

While that format may be helpful to give readers a sense of how bigotry, anti-Semitism, white supremacy, neo-Nazism and Holocaust denial progressed as the month wore on, it still begs the question: Where's the fun in that?

Here, then, are those same five hate citations ranked in order of awfulness--with a bonus non-bogus crime thrown in for shits and giggles. See if you can spot the imposter! real crime that did not make the ADL list.

1) A Los Alamitos sixth grader has been picked on the entire school year, called "dirty Jew," "dirty Persian," "Penny Jew." He was beaten and sustained injuries that required an emergency room visit. The ADL is working closely with the family and the school district to bring about a resolution that leaves the child protected, and the school personnel trained in anti-bullying strategies. (June 24)


2) An Islamic mosque in Cypress was vandalized with graffiti which stated: "Fuck You," "We're going to kill you," and "US Military is going to kill you all." Police are treating the vandalism as a hate crime. (June 3)


3) A private, independent K-8 school was tagged with anti-Semitic and racist chalk graffiti. Included were "Burn the Jews" and swastikas. ADL discussed incident with school administrator and offered assistance and training in white supremacist markings. Local police was also contacted to ensure heightened patrols in the area. (June 3)


4) A woman visited L.A. Boxing in Costa Mesa to pay her son's enrollment fee. The attendant working at the front desk called her a "fucking Mexican" and told her she wasn't wanted in the gym. She left and returned the next day and the same attendant began calling her names again.  The police were called. ADL worked with the business owner to assure that the victim received a formal apology and the employee was disciplined. (June 2)


5) Individual member of the Elks who was the subject of a disciplinary hearing drew a swastika and showed it to the Jewish members of the disciplinary committee saying he loved the swastika. He claimed he could not be punished as he was exercising his First Amendment rights. ADL explained that the First Amendment does not necessarily cover private clubs or these statements and the Elks could further sanction the offender. (June 15)


6) Gentleman at Huntington Beach pier held signs and yelled at passers-by, claiming "There was no Holocaust and Jewish people were killing all animals." In this case, the protester was exhibiting his First Amendment rights, so the ADL merely noted the incident in its database. (June 15)

*  *  *

Actually, all of the above happened in June, but No. 2 did not make the ADL's list of five. It was noted prominently in an email blast from the Anaheim office of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR). If you'd like to play along at home--and by "play along," I mean "report hate crimes to ADL"--email Kevin O'Grady or visit ADL of OC/LBC or follow them on Twitter.


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