Top 10 Accused Perverts of 2010

Gropers. Kiddie rapers. Sex blackmailers. Public masturbators. Kiddie porn possessors. And a dude who wanted women to fuck his dog.

Yep, Orange County's got some winners all right.

What follows is a list of the top 10 accused perverts of 2010. Keep in mind that these folks are innocent until proven guilty. Hell, hope to God the crimes are figments of someone's imagination so we can pretend shit like this does not happen in our lil' slice of heaven.




Gary Gruber

, 48, of Santa Ana, befriended a guy while both were incarcerated. They became so tight that Gruber was routinely enlisted to babysit his buddy's children. In December, the jailmate's 13-year-old girl confessed to a church counselor that she was repeatedly molested by the family friend over the past three years. Follow-up investigation led to allegations Gruber also had his way with the girl's sisters, ages 5 and 8.


9) Registered sex offender

Nicholas James Needham

allegedly reached over a public restroom urinal a the Block of Orange to touch a 5-year-old boy's penis in October. A search of the 27-year-old Orange resident's home later uncovered thousands of photographs and three videos of child pornography, mostly on his iPod and featuring young boys from infancy to early teens, according to prosecutors.  

Top 10 Accused Perverts of 2010


Luis Mijangos

is confined to a wheelchair because of a gang shooting and fancies himself a Bizarro World version of Professor X (sorry if I am mixing up comic book brands). Federal prosecutors now accuse the 31-year-old Santa Anan of ganging up on women. He allegedly hacked into the emails of boys and men and, pretending to be them, sent messages to their girlfriends. He is accused of having convinced the females, who thought he was their boyfriends, to send him sexually explicit videos of themselves. Once he got the homemade porn, he re-contacted the women under an alias and threatened to tell their boyfriends what they had done unless they sent him even more naughty images. The feds claim at least 44 girls and 186 women fell for his alleged "sextortion" scheme. Mijangos has pleaded not guilty.




Kevin Michael Sianez

was slapped in June with the far more serious charges of defrauding clients as an unlicensed private investigator and threatening to burn down a critic's house. But during the investigation of the 53-year-old Fountain Valley resident, authorities discovered the former Santa Ana and Stanton police officer also posted Craigslist ads seeking women to fuck his labrador retriever. That's a misdemeanor. And really, really gross.


6) Nine-time sex offender

Vaughn Robert Biby

, 46, of Fullerton, was accused in March of being in possession of hundreds of thousands of pornographic pictures and videos of children, as well as books and magazines on torture, rape and murder of children. He also had several different library cards in his wallet and a stash of Chuck E. Cheese tokens that he could freely distribute while installing portable toilets at parks and venues where children congregate.



David Brian White

responded to a Craigslist advertisement from a 13-year-old girl. Actually, he was conversing online with Huntington Beach cops. A search of his Surf City home in November turned up a ton of child pornography detectives believe the 52-year-old consumed and sold. Police first suspected White was up to no good seven years ago, when officers noticed him taking photographs of strangers, including children, at the beach.


4) Registered sex offender

David Walker Bryan

, 40, of Anaheim, also fell for the 13-year-old-girl-is-really-HBPD-cop routine. He allegedly sent several graphic, sexually explicit e-mails and text messages, including instructions for the girl to masturbate at school and to wear red underwear to a planned rendezvous with her.


James Dalton Bratcher

of New Jersey was charged in March with groping the breasts of sleeping female passengers on a night flight from Newark to Orange County. He allegedly wandered the aisles of the Continental plane in search of hooters to grab. Because it happened on an airplane, it's considered a federal offense.



Matthew Castaneda

, 33, of Anaheim, allegedly connected with a 12-year-old Santa Ana girl on MySpace, met her at South Coast Plaza and took her to an Anaheim motel where he sexually assaulted her in February. Castaneda goes by the stage name Chippy Sanchez when he performs as a lucha libre wrestler.



Charles Edward Meaux Jr.

, a 36-year-old convicted felon with reported ties to a white supremacist group, allegedly got on the roof of a stranger's two-story residence near the Main Street overpass to the 5 freeway in Santa Ana in January, stripped down to his white socks and white shoes, climbed a ladder and, facing one of the busiest thoroughfares in the nation at lunchtime, began masturbating in full view of traffic. Responding cops arrived at the ladder to find only pants and underwear. Meaux was later found hiding in the closet of a nearby residence--still pants-less.


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