Tooting Our Own Horn

So, fire, smoke and soot aside: Living in California?

Not so bad.

It's nearing the end of October, and I'm wearing shorts. But California's enormous grab bag of culture—and subculture—is probably the best thing this place has to offer. And what better aspect of the world-renowned Southern California lifestyle is there than our distinctive, one-of-a-kind surf culture?

Brought to us by award-winning independent filmmakers Jason Baffa ( Singlefin: yellow) and Mark Jeremias ( DRIVE, Stylemasters), One California Day is a surf doc providing an in-depth look at the unique California surfing experience—taking the viewer on a stunning journey through six different regions up and down the coast, skillfully capturing the blissful existence that is being a California surfer.

And I know what you're thinking: Another surf film?

But being a surfer actually involves much more than surfing. Just check out any of our various coastal communities. The mentality surrounds you—from innumerable neon-colored Endless Summer posters and that H.B. sticker staring at you from the pickup in front of you on that commute home, to a weird, undying fascination with Hawaiian-floral-print anything. California surf culture touches upon all areas of pop culture—fashion, graphic design, music—making it more than just your average hobby, but rather a lifestyle.

One California Day also brings us this vital aspect of an all-around, all-encompassing ideology of surf culture through a cast of colorful characters and their personal stories, including local pro-longboarder (sponsored by the also very local RVCA) Alex Knost and film directors the Malloys, whose extensive repertoire includes videos for the very, very local Cold War Kids and Matt Costa ( . . . and the Shins and Kid Rock and Metallica and Jack Johnson . . . ). The film also features greats such as Malibu's Jimmy Gamboa, Santa Barbara's Joe and Tom Curren, and San Diego's Joel Tudor.

But, really: California? We're awesome.

And this film celebrates that.

One California Day screens at Laguna South Coast Cinemas, 162 S. Coast Hwy., Laguna Beach; Thurs., Nov. 8, 7:30 p.m. All ages. $10.


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