The half-wab himself...
The half-wab himself...

Tony Ortega, 'Village Voice' Editor and OC Boy, Attracts Protesters to His Cal State Fullerton Speech Tonight

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to sneak into the class of Cal State Fullerton professor (and longtime Orange County Register reporter) Jeff Brody and steal his guest speaker, Village Voice editor Tony Ortega. He's in town for a week to speak at the school's various communications departments, alumni, blah blah blah. Ortega is one of the people you can blame for getting me into journalism, and a great guy to boot--if you don't already read his daily posts on Scientology, you should.

Ortega then spoke briefly to my class, and we retired to Cantina Lounge across the street for some drinks. But while we were leaving the Humanities Hall, Ortega--a graduate of Savanna High, and a Titan two times over--pointed to the latest issue of the Daily Titan. "Did you know that they're protesting me during my big talk?" he said gleefully. As a matter of fact, I did.

Turns out that a group called Stop Slavery 2011 is planning to protest Ortega's speech this evening at the school's Golleher Alumni House, according to the Daily Titan. They're mad at him (and us, for that matter) because we run sexy ads in our papers and our website,, and the organization feels we promote child sex trafficking, a ridiculous proposition given our long role fighting said child sex rings.

"I know alumni at Fullerton have done great work," the head of Stop Slavery 2011 told the Daily Titan. "Unfortunately, here is an example of someone who directly is involved in a business that directly sells girls and boys and others and are human trafficking victims, and I am sick of it. How can California State Fullerton even really highlight this guy as an alumni that you guys are proud of when you really look at what he is doing?"

Want to go after real perverts, guys? Tackle the Diocese of Orange--or, since you don't have the guts to do that, protest the Orange County Register, who runs the same sexy ads we do. Anyhoo, the protest starts at 5:30 p.m., and Tony will talk at 6:30. See you there!


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