Tom Sizemore Busted Days After His Movie is Feted in Santa Ana

Sunday night, OC Film Fiesta capped another successful run in Santa Ana with a screening and celebration of the film White Knight starring Tom Sizemore.

Early Tuesday, Sizemore was arrested in Los Angeles on an outstanding warrant for misdemeanor battery.

The 49-year-old actor who is best known for his roles in Black Hawk Down and Saving Private Ryan—and as former Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss' ex-boyfriend—posted his $26,000 bail Tuesday and has been released.

LAPD apparently went to Sizemore's apartment to follow up on a car theft report involving someone staying there, found drugs that were not connected to the actor but wound up arresting him for an outstanding warrant from the 2009 battery case. Sizemore's reps say it was all a misunderstanding stemming from a clerical error that made it appear he had a warrant for not having completed court-ordered community service when in fact he had. Police say that's between Sizemore and the court if that's true.

Convicted in 2003 of domestic violence involving Fleiss, and following that up with a string of drug-related arrests, Sizemore was not at Santa Ana's Yost Theater for Sunday night's red-carpet celebration.

Héctor Jiménez, who was Jack Black's tag team partner in Nacho Libre, was at the Yost. He plays Sizemore's cellmate in Jesse Baget's new comedy about Ku Klux Klan leader Leroy Lowe (Sizemore) reassessing his hateful life after spending time in an East Texas prison with farmworker Emilio Ortiz (Jiménez) and the warden's beautiful maid Madalena (Olga Segura). Baget (El Mascarado Massacre) considers his movie a comment on the immigration issue.

Baget, Segura, who makes her feature debut in White Knight, and  co-star Kevin Farley (the late Chris' brother) attended the OC Film Fiesta closing-night party.


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