Tom Mauk-Rakes In The SuperLotto of Government Pay

Andrew Galvin over at the Orange County Register reported late this afternoon that county CEO Tom Mauk will resign next week in the wake of the embarrassing Carlos Bustamante-starring Wandering Penis Scandal.

That news isn't particularly shocking given that government is loaded with characters who have degrees in CYA.

(Because this is a family publication in a conservative county--or so we've been told all week by a few irate, senile readers, I apparently shouldn't say Cover Your Ass.)

The only thing that's interesting in the departure is the sweetheart deal Mauk has won at already overburdened taxpayer expense.

He's been taking home more than $393,000 annually in public funds (Orange County compensation package plus his La Habra city pension).

And now Mauk will take $270,000 as a departure gift in addition to collecting two robust government pensions for the rest of his life.

Is Weiner English for Bustamante?
Is Weiner English for Bustamante?

Ahhhh . . . what a brutally tough life well-connected government bureaucrats and politicians endure.

Don't forget this pathetic fact either: County taxpayers will pay corrupt sheriff turned convicted felon Mike Carona more than $220,000 a year in pension for the rest of his life.

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